What is a movie without credits?  The people and product(s) below have helped me on my journey and are all responsible in some way for me bringing the dream of this website into fruition.  They're all pretty awesome and you should check them out.  They helped me.  Maybe they will help you.  In my book, they are all golden.  

Coach Kerri R. Smith-Osei

Coach Kerri is a powerful LGBT life coach.

Coach Kerri Richardson

The other Coach Kerri in my life!  Kerri Richardson’s book and weekly Hay House radio show will gently help you clear the clutter from your life.

The Five Percent 

If you have a goal you want to get serious about, Claire is the woman to see.  Her 6-month accountability program is amazing.  Etched in Gold is the result of my work with her. This program helped me hit warp speed on achieving my goals.

Leigh Medeiros

Leigh is one of my favorite people in the world.  Such an amazing creative mentor.  Work with her now before the world discovers her and her prices skyrocket.  I can’t recommend 48 Days of Creative Devotion enough. Check our her new book The 1-Minute Writer!

JennyKat Productions

Jenny is a talented graphic designer and created the logo for this website.


The app that helps you make it through those 2 hour plus Oscar hopefuls without missing the good parts.  It tells you the best times to go pee during any major motion picture.  They have times up for virtually every movie as soon as it comes out.  Check these guys out and tell your friends about them.  I want them to stay in business for a long time!