Midsommar: Know Before You Go

Courtesy of A24.

Courtesy of A24.

Midsommar has recently opened with some deafening buzz. Even director Jordan Peele (Us, Get Out) says it features "some of the most atrociously disturbing imagery I’ve ever seen on film." It's safe to say Midsommar is the prestige horror movie event of this summer (see The Blair Witch Project, The Witch, It Follows, and even director Ari Aster's own Hereditary). If you plan on seeing it, here are some tips that might help increase your enjoyment of the film.

1) While it's billed as a horror film, don't expect major frights. This isn't a James Wan film full of jump scares. Instead, it's an artistic psychological horror film with a lot of tension. In other words, it's a slow burn.

2) Let it be an experience. The movie is less a conventional horror film and more of a spellbinding fever dream. Try to let it wash over you and enjoy the surreality.

3) It's two and a half hours long. Plan accordingly. I suggest using the RunPee app. (runpee.com)

4) Take in the rich imagery. It's unique for a horror film to create its own visual language like this one does.

5) There is a lot of full frontal nudity in the last third of the film, male and female. Some of it you may enjoy. Some of it you won't.

6) Try to be mature. If you're not digging the vibe of the film, don't ruin it for those who are by mocking it. Watch quietly or leave.

7) Have an aftercare plan. This is a film that's so dark, the cast sat in silence for about ten minutes after they screened it. Plan a happy activity for afterwards or have a friend on standby you can talk to.

Courtesy of A24.

Courtesy of A24.

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