Book Review: Serious Writers Never Quit! They Find: The Way

Bryan Hutchinson is one of my favorite bloggers ( As you may know, one of his contests helped me set the deadline for starting this blog. His current contest runs through November 19, so if you have a blog, check it out. I’m excited to tell you about Bryan’s new book, Serious Writers Never Quit! They Find: The Way.

Serious Writers Never Quit is a valuable resource for any writer’s library. It’s a quick read packed with lots of insight. Hutchinson takes the wisdom he gained from years of playing and coaching billiards and applies it to writing. His most startling revelation is that your first draft is not as worthless as you’ve been led to believe. He shares the process that led to writing his first book (One Boy’s Struggle), gives advice for getting out of your own way, and shows you how to find your voice.

Hutchinson writes in a style that makes it feel like he’s talking directly to you or even coaching you personally at times. Hutchinson is an advocate of passion, authenticity, and facing your fears. As an added bonus, he even references sport films such as For the Love of the Game and the Oscar-winning The Color of Money. (This is a movie blog.)

Mark Twain said that the really great make you feel like you can become great too. In that case, Bryan Hutchinson is a great writer and coach. Serious Writers Never Quit is full of useful information that you can apply right away. You will feel inspired to creative action by this book. It belongs on your bookshelf next to The War of Art.

The e-book is a steal at $2.99 on Amazon. Don’t sleep on it.

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